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How to Use MED

Select Product

Download the MED app, browse through the list of products and select the ones you need.

Choose Payment

You can make the payment via online transaction or cash-on-delivery. Your choice is our priority.

Receive Product

Just wait and receive the products you ordered at your doorstep or the location you specified.

MED Everywhere

The MED app is currently available on Android and iOS.

What is MED?

Medicare Ensured on Demand, or simply MED, offers a unique combination of premier healthcare and social services at your fingertips. Our mission is to make it easier for people to receive healthcare and medical solutions.

The app currently features healthcare product delivery service. These products will be delivered to your doorstep or the specified destination on the same day itself promising a better service than 24-hour delivery.

The Four Pillars

The four primary focuses of the app are as follows,

  • Medicine

    The Medicine section has two primary features, Click & Pick and Store

    1. Click & Pick allows a person to search for medicines/products in his or her locality and shop via a map. If available, one can pay and book the product. Then, he or she only needs to go and collect the product. This removes the hassle of personally going to multiple shops to find a specific product. Users may also be able to check other details such as price and availability. (This feature is coming soon to the app and is not available currently.)
    2. Store is the feature that allows one to browse through categories of medicines to find the medicine he or she is looking for. Once ordered, the product will be delivered to the user’s doorstep or specified location.
  • The Care section has two primary features, Assistance and Appointments.

    1. Assistance feature is specially built for NRIs and users with old age parents. This feature consists of a list of services that help in all the healthcare and medical needs of patients. Users just need to click a button and pay for the resources. Rest of the things like transport, check-ups and appointments are done automatically with the help of a very gentle and friendly group of healthcare experts.
    2. Appointments feature allows one to search through a list of doctors, clinics and hospitals with filters and then, book an appointment with mutual convenience. The filters include years of expertise, specialisation, price range etc. (The Care features including Assistance and Appointments are coming soon to the app and is not available currently.)
  • The Fitness section has two primary features, Training and Device.

    1. Training feature allows one to receive training in the form of diet plans, exercise schedules and training packages by fitness experts. It allows one to streamline their fitness training and select different physiques like body mass training, slim model training, ripped athletic training etc.
    2. Device feature allows one to monitor one’s vitals via smartwatches such as Apple Watch and Android smartwatch. Med Portable App will also be designed especially for these smartwatches. One will also be able to know the heartbeat rate, steps walked, distance ran, calories burned etc. using this app. These data are directly synced with the main Med App for use with other healthcare especially Fitness and Care features such as monitoring the health of patients. (The Fitness features including Training and Device are coming soon to the app and is not available currently.)
  • The Emergency feature is the most important feature of the app. One will be able to instantly call and get aid from emergency services like Police, Ambulance, Fire Force and Blood Bank. All the relevant data including your profile and location data will be sent to the emergency services for faster response.


At Your Fingertips

All the healthcare services packed into one application that is available on both Android and iOS. The MED app is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Order From Anywhere

Order and receive the product at your doorstep or any location as specified. Yes, you can also gift your near and dear ones with healthcare products.

Products For Everyone

Browse through 500+ products, compare details and prices and order as per your convenience. Do check out the app regularly for limited offers.

Call For Help

MED also comes with shortcuts to emergency services like police, fire force and ambulance so that we can assist you in case of any emergency situations.

Call Us For Anything

Call us at 080-3000-6060 for any help that is healthcare-related. You can also order your product just by using this number.

New Features

We are working 24x7 to add new features into the application like Reminder, Fitness Monitor, Care Assist etc. Your health is our mission.

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